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International Review of Psychosis & Bipolarity

Join us in Rome, Italy, 22-24 May 2016

Chair: Professor Paolo Girardi (IT)

Co-Chair: Dr Giulio Perugi (IT)

The ONLY speciality International Conference in Schizophrenia & Bipolar Disorders in Europe in 2016





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International Review of Psychosis & Bipolarity (
and the International Forum of Psychosis & Bipolarity

The world’s biggest international annual congress on Psychosis and Bipolarity. In 2014 the Winter Workshop on Psychosis merged with the International Review of Bipolar Disorders to form the International Review of Psychosis & Bipolarity (IRPB) conference which was held in Athens. The International Review of Psychosis & Bipolarity (IRPB) 2015 will be held in Lisbon.

The International Forum of Psychosis & Bipolarity (IFPB), chaired by Prof Jules Angst, is the parent society for the International Review of Psychosis & Bipolarity. The IFPB is a non-profit organisation dedicated to helping practitioners keep up-to-date on current thinking and treatments and management strategies.

World Association of Neurotechnology (

WANeuroTech is a biennial conference which focuses on innovations and developments in the study of neurotechnology. The parent association of the same name is non-profit making and committed to the development of a forum for researchers, clinicians and industry to allow sharing of knowledge and cross-fertilization of ideas for the betterment of all involved.


Global Addiction (
and the Global Addiction Association

Global Addiction is a conference which offers sessions on all addictions, enabling attendees to share best practice and improve knowledge. The most recent conference took place in Rome, Italy in June 2014 and there is a conference scheduled in Rio in November. The Global Addiction Association is the parent association which ensures the message is communicated all year round.

Burning Issues in Psychiatry (

Burning Issues in Psychiatry is a biennial conference focused on psychiatry and located in the Middle East. The inaugural event took place in Lebanon and highlighted developments in opinion and treatment of the Bipolar Spectrum. The theme of the next conference is Relationships in Psychiatry, however it was decided not to hold the conference in 2013 due to scheduling difficulties. The current proposal is that the conference will be held every four years in Beirut, anticipating that by 2016 the current conflict in Syria will have settled down. The associated society, also Burning Issues in Psychiatry, drives the objective of the conference all year round, encouraging the sharing of information and knowledge.

On-line Learning

In 2012 we were pleased to announce the introduction of the On-Line Learning service. Practitioners world-wide can now access sessions from conferences past and present and view them at a time convenient to them. The programmes are rolled out on a conference by conference basis. Future conferences will all be recorded, with plenaries also available on video. Attending delegates will be able to access this service exclusively for 3 months after the conference as part of their delegate registration. Other individuals can join a full-access membership scheme to access all sessions. All on-line sessions will earn CME points.

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CME Accreditation

IRPB 2016 has been awarded 26 CME accreditation points by the International Forum of Psychosis & Bipolarity.

Delegates should only award themselves 1 CME accreditation point per 1 hour spent at the conference.


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