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International Review of Psychosis & Bipolarity

Join us in Rome, Italy, 22-24 May 2016

Chair: Professor Paulo Girardi (IT)

Co-Chair: Dr Giulio Perugi (IT)

The ONLY speciality International Conference in Schizophrenia & Bipolar Disorders in Europe in 2016



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The Annual Meeting of the International Forum of Psychosis & Bipolarity

Welcome to IRPB Rome 2016. 

IRPB 2014 Group Photo

The main theme for IRPB 2016 is 'Cognitive Function and its relation to Psychotic and Affective Disorders'.  We will be creating a programme split into sections to reflect this theme.  The traditional clinically-orientated expert reviews which make up the core of the IRPB will continue, as will sessions discussing new and existing pharmacological therapies, but these will be augmented by parallel sessions involving a variety of new themes and initiatives for 2016.

In addition the conference will be reviewing adherence strategies and techniques to ensure optimal adherence and minimal relapse rates for patients, creating practical scenarios and workshops to help clinicians achieve long term remission for their patients.

Differential diagnosis and Dual Diagnosis remain key topics, between many conditions, but mostly between Schizophrenia, Schizoaffective Disorder, Bipolar Disorder and Unipolar Depression.  Plus the course or aetiology is also of critical importance, e.g. what comes first - the addiction or the mental health condition?

IRPB will be working with a number of associated organizations and offering sections of the programme to these organizations to design plenaries, interactive sessions, debates and workshops around the central theme, but from the point of view of the associated organization.  Associated organizations can include commercially-orientated organizations.

As ever, we are extremely keen to include all new research and submitted sessions, either as posters, oral platforms or multiple session symposia.

We look forward to your contribution and to welcoming you to Rome.

With best wishes,

Russ Pendleton
Conference and Association Director

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