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Register for the International Review of Psychosis and Bipolarity Conference

International Review of Psychosis & Bipolarity

Join us in Lisbon, Portugal, 26-28 April 2015

Chair: Prof Maria Luisa Figueira (PT)

The ONLY speciality International Conference in Schizophrenia & Bipolar Disorders in Europe in 2015


Previous Conference Details

Conference Programme

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Conference Advisors

Conference AdvisorsProf J Lopez-Ibor (E) ()
Dr B. McGraw (US) ()
Dr Dr A. Andreazza (CA) ()
Dr Dr A. Erfurth (AT) ()
Dr Dr A. Gonazalez Pinto (E) ()
Dr Dr A. Koukopoulos (I) ()
Dr Dr A. Martinez-Aran (E) ()
Dr Dr A. T. Spijker (NL) ()
Dr Dr B. N. Frey (CA) ()
Dr Dr E. Hantouche (F) ()
Dr Dr E. Michalak (CA) ()
Dr Dr E. Weller (US) ()
Dr Dr E. Youngstrom (US) ()
Dr Dr G. Faedda (US) ()
Dr Dr G. Perugi (I) ()
Dr Dr G. Saccone Mithieux (NL) ()
Dr Dr J. Cookson (UK) ()
Dr Dr K. Øedegaard (Norway) ()
Dr Dr K. Fountoulakis (G) ()
Dr Dr M. Bauer (DE) ()
Dr Dr M. Reinares (E) ()
Dr Dr O. Pinto (BRA) ()
Dr Dr R. D'Souza (AUS) ()
Dr Dr R. McCarthy (US) ()
Dr Dr S. Brissos (PG) ()
Dr Dr V. Koppelaar (NL) ()
Dr Dr V.E.G Syrstad (N) ()
Prof Prof A. Swann (US) ()
Prof Prof A. Young (CA) ()
Prof Prof D. Blackwood (UK) ()
Prof Prof E. Karam (L) ()
Prof Prof E. Vieta (E) ()
Prof Prof F. Benazzi (US) ()
Prof Prof F. Kapczinski (BR) ()
Prof Prof H. Akiskal (US) ()
Prof Prof J. Angst (CH) ()
Prof Prof J. Deltito (US) ()
Prof Prof J. Kelsoe (US) ()
Prof Prof J. McCombs (US) ()
Prof Prof M-L. Figueira (PG) ()
Prof Prof M. Tohen (US) ()
Prof Prof Z. Rihmer (H) ()

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IRPB 2015
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